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Cameras and Wi-Fi cards...

I decided to get the gear needed to use a DSLR with a smartphone,and to think I was only looking to have one camera linked with my iPhone.

After configuring both of those cameras to send images to my phone they have been working just as they should.The SD Wi-Fi card in the Sony a55 is Transcend branded which honestly surprised me when I was first shown it.The media cards that had been on my list were the Eye-Fi Mobi and Toshiba Flash Air, both of which I'd been hearing positive things.After making sure that the a55 was on the compatibility list I decided to try it out.It seems this time I didn't go far enough with my research,the built in Wi-Fi of the NEX 6 is operating with its companion app no problem and there is no Wi-Fi SD card required!

I found the apps in the iOS store that were required easily enough and downloaded them immediately.After the expected stops and starts they linked up perfectly with their respective cameras.And now the first image from using one of them is up on my photo blog http://www.sandbagger.ca