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Picture Galleries And Photography...

The first picture gallery that I've created finally has images in it.I have seen many sites with them before starting this blog so decided to add one myself when I was able to.And then for a time it sat empty since there was nothing that was calling out to me to post there.More than likely the memories of Facebook may have had something to do with that even though I stopped using that particular piece of software awhile back(not that I used it much anyway).The photos taken at the Christmas gathering at work are now posted to that section of the blog after a bit of recovery work all thanks to mistakes that were wholly mine.

Even though this is a personal blog it was nagging at me that it might not be ok to post the pictures since they were taken on company property but I was told by my boss it was ok.And along with that anyone who was in any of the pictures I took was let in on where I intended to put them.Outside of making prints for a couple of the images,the shots that were taken will remain in digital form.

Now that the first collection is up for sure there will be others,and with the end of the year approaching that gives me a project for the coming new year.At least one image a day per day for the entire length of '11 with whatever camera I happen to have with me...will want to give that my best attempt.