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A Snippet From Twitter...

Just got a small taste of Jeff Jarvis's next book and it took hold of me,this is the excerpt here.Through Twitter Mr. Jarvis asked for the readers opinion of the (first of many I hope) extract from his new work to be and my own was very positive.While I did leave a reply on Buzz Machine for him I did not want to ramble on which is why the blog here will get it's most recent post.I've tried to be as open and out there with people as much as possible and I think I have done pretty good so far and for a large part of that I thank my parents.

Listening to Mr. Jarvis and friends on T.W.I.G and following his entries on Twitter has also helped me in making the "living in public" decision easier to make.Being out in public is one thing but to "be public" is a completely different animal.Choosing to maintain the privacy wall is a good thing though now-a-days there are more and more ways to get around it.It all depends on the kind of person we are whether or not the decision to be frank and open is made or not.

I expect this next book will be another hit for you Jeff just as What Would Google Do? was and I hope Private Parts finds its way onto Audible.com aswell.