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A milestone reached....almost

Yesterday I reached my 29 year anniversary with the TTC and looking back it all seems to have come around full circle.Just like my father had done I have had several jobs in my time with the Toronto Transit Commission.

The 1st was as a temporary employee at BPX (Bus Parcel Express) in 1983 that continued into Febuary of 1984 when I was laid off for a while.The amount of time was for each lay off was I can't really remember but all I know is there were a few of them until I became permanent.

Was called back next as a watchman in the Safety & Security department where I was at several TTC properties.As the watchmen were connected to the fire prevention section I was selected as vacation relief so I helped out with that sections duties.As this was going on the watchmen were moved into our own section as Industrial Security.After this happened I was requested through my supervisor to help out again with the fire prevention section since I had the necessary training.

Being a temporary employee was starting to get to me at that time and I was thinking of quitting.Both my parents told me to give it more time and hang in there.It was a good thing I did because not long after I was told by my supervisor that I was now a permanent employee and January 31 1985 was where my journey through the TTC started.

After being bumped out of the Safety Security department I found a position as a janitor at our head office 1900 Yonge Street in the Mcbrien Building.Performing the duties I was given by the Leadhand janitor I also substituted for him when he was off.This continued until another bump when I went to another janitor position, this time at divisional traffic offices.While here I had seen a track patrol job posting that was interesting but I could not pass the necessary test.

It was now October in 1988 that I went into the subway to start a labourer job and learn what I needed to so I would pass that test.While as a subway labourer every time a track patrol opening was posted I bid on it.It was around the middle of 1989 that I was successful in getting that job.Around this time my father let me know of an upholstery department job that I could think of trying for after gaining some seniority but I was now where I wanted to be.

When postings for upholstery jobs went up I did fill out applications but was not successful on either occasion.The track patrol job was where I had stayed the longest during my time with the TTC.Before the summer of 2008 another chance came along to bid for the upholstery department I took it and this time I got the job.Just as my father had done now I had reached the point where I was working days with weekends off.

A bump happened in late 2013 and I was pushed out from where I was.I still wanted to have weekends off so I picked a janitor position at the same facility.Now the 30 year milestone is now just that little bit closer.