Photos And The iPhone App...

While reading the blog I came across references to the problems uploading photos with the iPhone app and by what I had read it basically mirrored what I myself experienced.And while I was reminded of my intention to send off an e-mail to their support address,since they are aware of it I would most likely be sending a seemingly unnecessary bit of mail and so I will just wait for further information on it,but that's me.


Failure To Upload...

As far as I can tell only text uploads from the iPhone App are possible but then again it is a fairly new app.The description in the store also says the app needs a paid account.Text only during trial and photos included later?Think I will fire off an email to them.


The Next Post...

I like what I have come up with so far,at least until I learn a bit more about blog design and come up with something else.And since I will be the one posting to it I guess it would be nice if I liked what I saw but that's just me.


July 1st Is Here Again...

Happy Canada Day to everyone,

Have a great day and a great long weekend.


Post By App

Trying out the Squarespace iPhone app right now and it seems to work great