Waiting For A Fix...

Will have to wait for a fix to be pushed out for the Digg app that is on the iPhone 4;everything was going along fine until the update for iOS 4 when something broke.Updates are supposed to get rid of problems not create them but unfortunately it does happen.The 1st generation iPod touch that is here has 3.0 software on it so everything is good there. After reading a tweet from Kevin Rose that he would be on This Week In Tech was sure to watch/listen to that episode.While there was mention of fixes to be made to the Digg site the iPhone app was left out.And don't feel so bad about the almost 2 week gap in not posting to the blog;one of the participants on the last TWIT was at the three week mark with theirs and they have been at this longer.

A Second Try...

I finally managed to get an iPhone 4 for didn't take as long as I thought it would which is fine by me.I picked up the 3G when it arrived in Canada followed by it's successor the 3GS after it's arrival so when the iPhone 4 came up here I knew I'd have one to call my own.After leaving work this last Friday I had called the Rogers store that's nearest me (Royal York & Bloor) to see if any were there and they had 3 16GB models on hand so I went by and got one of them .But during the initial sync with my computer the software update from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 would only go so far and then stop.After trying all possible remedies that were available to me and when none of them worked it was time for outside help.First I stopped by the Rogers store to let them know what was happening then headed to the closest Apple store to me which is the Sherway Gardens location to see about an appointment with one of their geniuses.The Apple genius who helped me went through the same steps as I had done and when there was no change in the results I ended up getting a new phone.To save me having to do the software update the genius went and did it there in the store which was great.This time the initial sync with my iMac was flawless and everything else with the phone is great.


I have now had a taste of the lineup experience waiting for an Apple device so I can take that off my to do list.In this case it was the iPhone 4 and I am sure of one arrival there wasn't early enough.Where I had been waiting (which was a west end Rogers store in this case) the line was cut off just ahead of the person in front of me so that told me how close I had been.Even while in line there had been a mental debate going on with myself about which one to get (16GB or 32GB?) though I knew it would be in black since the white version is still delayed.Since I was unable to get one of them now every so often I'll be checking in to see if another shipment has arrived...eventually I'll have one.


One And Only...

It's finally happened,I've made it to the top spot on the leaderboard for the Foursquare service.Since joining up on the site I've used it's iphone app to check in on my travels around the city and have always wondered if I'd ever get to the top of the ladder.Even if this the one and only time it happens at least I will know that it did.


I'll Be Getting One...

With all the coverage the new iPhone 4 has been getting the past while I know I'm not the only one thinking the issues Apple has with this version have been blown way out of proportion.Even with this antennae problem all you have to do is put it in a case and it should go away,and for however long it lasts Apple will be sending either a free bumper or case to those eligible when purchasing the phone.The problem has not really mattered to many people it seems,because since the release of the device Apple has had a bit of a time keeping up with the demand for the new iPhone.
While just like with anything else news worthy the iPhone obviously has been no exception with who knows how many articles having been written about it since the beginning of this saga and that's including this post.From the beginning of my using Apple devices towards the end of 2006 till present day I have always considered myself to be an early adopter with the exception of the Canadian release of the iPhone which up here was not till the following year with the 3G model so I have never had or even seen the original model.Now with hearing July 30th of this year as the release date I will be getting my own iPhone 4 but with the demand for it being the way it is I'll believe it when I see it up here.

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