Really enjoyed being on the MyMac.com podcast with the G-Men Guy and Gaz.Recording the show was a great test for my Skype setup.Along with the purchase of iLife 11' that I'll be making I'm now that little bit closer to getting a new MacBook Air,only question is will it be the 13" or 11"?



Just finished composing and sending an email to the G-men of MyMac.com.Took a little bit longer than I originally thought to put the response together but I wanted to have the right wording.Will be keeping an eye open for any response from Guy or Gaz about possibly being a listener invite on the podcast.



I have found out more about buliding clickable links for blog posts using the Squarespace iPhone App.Bit by bit I've been teaching myself HTML since it will aid in the building of the posts on my blog when I am mobile.Practice will be involved but I won't mind that since I enjoy putting these entries together.As it is this post itself is practice in using the iPhone app.Here is an example link using these tools: squarespace.



This may not end up being a very long entry but then I have been wrong before.Although I have placed links in previous posts,I had included those in an attempt to be extra but not overly descriptive.Adding the link this time is multi-purpose.Firstly as a response to a crowd sourcing request on Twitter from a member whom I follow,secondly a test for the  Squarespace iPhone app and lastly just to be a nice guy.The photographs that this link leads to are great so here they are:Bertrand Laforet


Blog Posts...

During the past while I have read articles about making posts to a blog,with virtually everything I have seen pointing towards the quality as opposed to quantity of the posts.After noticing that I knew I was headed in the right direction with my own fledgling personal blog.I have heard quite a bit on the various podcasts I listen to that is also relevant.And though I am maintaining the site just for myself for the time being,the evolvement to a public readership is not beyond the imagination. The research and thought I have put into each post has differed which is to be expected,with all of the entries having their respective pros and cons.Some ideas that have helped generate posts have been spur of the moment while others have been almost review like.With the specific subject matter that the blog deals with still up in the air,that in itself could be another indicator of the blogs direction.All of my hobbies/interests involve some kind of technology(I'm writing this blog post on an iPhone for example). So the posts that I have put on the blog have all dealt with tech on some level that I either know of or am actively using.It will be interesting to see how things go with the blog so to help the process along I will continue to learn more about the blogosphere.

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