A Snippet From Twitter...

Just got a small taste of Jeff Jarvis's next book and it took hold of me,this is the excerpt here.Through Twitter Mr. Jarvis asked for the readers opinion of the (first of many I hope) extract from his new work to be and my own was very positive.While I did leave a reply on Buzz Machine for him I did not want to ramble on which is why the blog here will get it's most recent post.I've tried to be as open and out there with people as much as possible and I think I have done pretty good so far and for a large part of that I thank my parents.

Listening to Mr. Jarvis and friends on T.W.I.G and following his entries on Twitter has also helped me in making the "living in public" decision easier to make.Being out in public is one thing but to "be public" is a completely different animal.Choosing to maintain the privacy wall is a good thing though now-a-days there are more and more ways to get around it.It all depends on the kind of person we are whether or not the decision to be frank and open is made or not.

I expect this next book will be another hit for you Jeff just as What Would Google Do? was and I hope Private Parts finds its way onto Audible.com aswell.


The Chief Twit Is In The Times...

This will be a Christmas that will probably stay in Leo Laporte's memory for awhile....seeing an article about himself in the New York Times.Not long after I first looked at Twitter this morning I saw the first tweet go by congratulating Leo about being in the NYT's.The list of people included friends of Mr.Laporte's like Amber MacArthur,Robert Scoble and Becky Worley all of whom are also tech celebrities.There were other users,myself among them that also acknowledged the president of the internet on his accomplishment.The Chief Twit even tweeted along with an instagr.am about the article himself. 

He started on his career a long time before I began listening to both him and the assorted hosts and guests that are around him,but when I did it was well worth it.Leo Laporte has many times expressed the fact that the "pilot" episode as it is called was just a bunch of friends talking amongst themselves.And since the get together was recorded he uploaded it to the internet and it became a part of tech history.The beginnings of a netcast network soon to be well known by geeks and others alike by the letters T.W.I.T. were now there.

It took a while for Leo Laporte's group of shows to grow to what it is now but with This Week In Tech beginning in 2005 and this being written towards the end of 2010 that's actually no time at all.There are currently 28 separate netcasts listed on the twit.tv site with others to follow in the future of which a few have been alluded to in recent shows.From where they are right now in the cottage HQ in Petaluma some or all of the operations of the network maybe moving to a larger location nearby in early 2011.There has also been talk of an idea for a morning show in a completely different locale during some of the netcast episodes but we will have to wait and see. 



Picture Galleries And Photography...

The first picture gallery that I've created finally has images in it.I have seen many sites with them before starting this blog so decided to add one myself when I was able to.And then for a time it sat empty since there was nothing that was calling out to me to post there.More than likely the memories of Facebook may have had something to do with that even though I stopped using that particular piece of software awhile back(not that I used it much anyway).The photos taken at the Christmas gathering at work are now posted to that section of the blog after a bit of recovery work all thanks to mistakes that were wholly mine.

Even though this is a personal blog it was nagging at me that it might not be ok to post the pictures since they were taken on company property but I was told by my boss it was ok.And along with that anyone who was in any of the pictures I took was let in on where I intended to put them.Outside of making prints for a couple of the images,the shots that were taken will remain in digital form.

Now that the first collection is up for sure there will be others,and with the end of the year approaching that gives me a project for the coming new year.At least one image a day per day for the entire length of '11 with whatever camera I happen to have with me...will want to give that my best attempt.


Amber Got A Heil...

While reading through Twitter this morning I came across a tweet from @ambermac.A photo of the final addition to her Skype setup had been added.The subject of that pic was a gorgeous Heil PR 40 XLR microphone(shown above).It had been given to her from the chief TWIT of the TWIT network and president of the internet @leolaporte.Leo had been an influence in acquiring my own PR 40 which is pictured both in my Flickr stream and the post previous to this one.


The Domain Name Works...

"Me get a personal domain name?",I never thought I would. The thought of it just sitting there not being used would make me feel like a domain squatter.I always thought it would be a good thing to do but besides the cost of it,why?

I've known about domain names and blogging for awhile since entering the digital world.I began listening to podcasts around 2005 and that's where I'd first heard them both mentioned.It was in the world of computers those two words were almost exclusively heard, as far as I can remember but that was then.Now they are everyday words that appear in both print and TV.

It was during a podcast not to long ago when the thought of keeping a journal like the one I'd written in during my school days came back to me.This time it would just be in 1's & 0's,along with being able to add photographs if I wanted.After trying several different blogging platforms along with listening for podcasters opinions on them I settled on this one.

Right now this is just a personal blog for me,but if anyone else wants to come by that is okay by me and if they like what they see,bonus.This is something I have enjoyed doing from the start and now I began to see getting a domain name in a different light.I just did not want to end up with a large number of them like I'd heard could happen.A bit more thought would have to be done but it was coming closer.

Podcasts have played a big part in my journey into the computer realm,namely when I changed from Windows to Mac.So when a domain name site I recognized while it was under another name was mentioned it sounded interesting.The first choice was my own name and I hoped that it would be available.

I have my own domain name for my blog and it is now up and working,here is the address:


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