New Additions In The Area...

With there now being new locations of the Royal Bank and Tim Horton's nearby both businesses must have been quite glad when work recently finished on the roadway and sidewalks along Parklawn Rd. between The Queensway and Lakeshore. Where the Gardiner exit ramp empties onto Parklawn had also been included in this portion of the construction/re-habilitation for the area.With the number of condominiums going up in the vicinity there will definitely be other constuction/re-habilitation projects coming up in the future.


Launch Day For iPad 2...

On Friday the 25th of March everything went ahead as planned for the release of the newest product from Cupertino.

Along with over 20 other countries at 5:00pm local time,Canadian Apple stores put the next iteration of the iPad on sale.Other places like authorized re-sellers,Best Buy and Future Shop also would have the iDevice available but I had decided where I was going to get mine.Since I had never bought an iPad when they first came out was not because it was a first generation version,I just never got around to getting is simply that.I have plenty of version one devices from Apple and they are still going strong.There had never been any question whether or not I would spend time in a line-up...I was going to do just that.It was now the actual date of the launch that was in question.

When the day and time were finally confirmed arrangements where made to have the day off from work.Now what had to be decided on was the amount of time that I wanted to spend in line.After checking Twitter and other sites I finally made my way to the Sherway Gardens Apple store.When I arrived there just after 1:00pm there were already over a hundred people there and after finding where the line ended I sent a tweet out over Twitter that now I had my place in the line-up.Where I started out in-line was just outside one set of the mall doors and that is where I would be for awhile.

With having heard others relate their stories of lining up for product launches before the similarities became apparent as time went on.Even though I had arrived by myself,conversation with other like minded people started.Just about everyone I spoke with already had some other type of Apple hardware be it phone,desktop,notebook etc.

And then out came the Apple people,some taking photographs and/or video and others making offers of water,hot chocolate and apple cider which were readily accepted by everyone including myself.We also found out during the wait that this was the shortest line in comparison to the other Apple locations.Just hearing that gave a boost to our part of the line or at least that is what I thought. The involvement with the others around me helped with the slow but steady passage of time until zero hour and during that time it seemed to me that I was the one that had really drank the kool-aid.That is one thing that I am always ready to admit along with that I am a big geek.

The next time we saw people in Apple shirts they were making their way along the line asking each person how many they wanted (the limit was 2 per person) and what model/size/color.By this time the line had been condensed and my spot was well inside the mall.They were giving each person one half of a ticket with this information on it and when it was my turn with out hesitating I said black/64GB/wifi.The person writing this down then asked for my name handed me my half of the ticket and that was it,I was assured to get one.

The next thing I did was take a photo of it and send out a tweet.Now the line had begun to steadily move at this point and next thing there was the store...everything seemed to be moving quicker now.On turning this ticket over to an other Apple employee we entered the store my iPad was handed to me and with a smart cover,camera connection kit and Apple tv rounding things out my purchase was made.

There it was, my first successful experience being in an Apple device line-up.Now it will have to be seen if I do it again.


Screens In Motion...

After seeing photos and videos on Twitter showing his computer screen setup,Victor Cajiao has me seriously thinking about getting the same gear that he is using.Besides what I have already seen on the Monitors In Motion site I've begun researching all of the possible aspects of this project so this idea will become a reality.Being able to free up desk space on my workstation will be great along with the adjustability of my 27" iMac once everything is installed.That the company is located in Ontario makes this all the more appealing and I should be able to get there and back alright. I will try to put together a video showing the unboxing/installation of the equipment when I manage to have it in my possession.


Waiting For The Next Installment...

Just finished listening to the latest episode of Triangulation from the TWIT network.The chief Twit Leo Laporte & Tom Merritt spoke with Bob Frankston for this installment.Wanted the interview to keep going because just over an hour was not long enough as far as I am concerned.Even though they did cover a great deal of information during the time that they did have I hope they ask Mr. Frankston back for a follow up/continuation sit down.

And if I heard Leo right and he would even entertain the thought of starting up a ISP that would be an interesting development in the world of tech.And along with the distance making signing up as a customer a virtually impossible circumstance being across the border would be a barrier too.  


Early In The Game...

I've managed to get an 11" MacBook Air with the maxed out configuration for both the RAM (4GB) and SSD (128GB).And downloaded Aperture from the Mac App store too.I thought it would be to early in the game for that particular setup to be available without having to go through the online store.This will be another photo-blogging platform for me to use.

I will post more about using the MacBook Air as time goes on.