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Lightning to USB Cable...


Ashes & Airports...

After reading the piece that John Gruber had linked to I immediately identified with the situation being described.Read the article on daringfireball.com http://df4.us/jws

I readily admit that I have never traveled through U.S. airports.

The thing is I did transport my fathers cremated remains,and as worried as I was of something going awry thankfully nothing did.

I was going to be taking dad's ashes out of country (Canada to Scotland),so even before the cremation took place I let it be known there would be international transport involved. A package was provided to me containing the ashes along with accompanying paperwork describing its contents.Just having that documentation there made me feel so much better but never once during the entire trip was there cause to use it.The airport customs people that I dealt with on the journey never batted an eye and this is after 9/11 too.




First Update In A While...

Made a few alterations in the about me and podcast sections of the blog.Now the content reflects more accurately what I both have as in Apple gear and am listening to.It has not been as long as I'd thought since my last entry but still too long.  


2012:Start Of Another Year...

Happy New Year to every one that may read this...

Let's see what these next 365 days hold in store for us.


New Additions In The Area...

With there now being new locations of the Royal Bank and Tim Horton's nearby both businesses must have been quite glad when work recently finished on the roadway and sidewalks along Parklawn Rd. between The Queensway and Lakeshore. Where the Gardiner exit ramp empties onto Parklawn had also been included in this portion of the construction/re-habilitation for the area.With the number of condominiums going up in the vicinity there will definitely be other constuction/re-habilitation projects coming up in the future.