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Same job just different hours...

Since returning to the upholstery section at Hillcrest I thought I would be staying on the afternoon shift for longer than I have.The possibility of getting a spot on the day shift again came along and I was successful in getting one.


Getting Back To Where I Was...With A Difference

This entry is good news for two reasons,after a long time I have something to post and I'll be getting back to the upholstery job that I had originally gone to Hillcrest for when I left the track inspection I'd been doing.The only difference is that it's an afternoon shift which I have no problem with along with the job having a higher wage.New jobs had been created with afternoon shift hours and Saturday-Sunday off days so I immediately filled out application forms so I would be considered.Found out that I got one of the positions so now I wait to see when I change from janitor to upholsterer.


A milestone reached....almost

Yesterday I reached my 29 year anniversary with the TTC and looking back it all seems to have come around full circle.Just like my father had done I have had several jobs in my time with the Toronto Transit Commission.

The 1st was as a temporary employee at BPX (Bus Parcel Express) in 1983 that continued into Febuary of 1984 when I was laid off for a while.The amount of time was for each lay off was I can't really remember but all I know is there were a few of them until I became permanent.

Was called back next as a watchman in the Safety & Security department where I was at several TTC properties.As the watchmen were connected to the fire prevention section I was selected as vacation relief so I helped out with that sections duties.As this was going on the watchmen were moved into our own section as Industrial Security.After this happened I was requested through my supervisor to help out again with the fire prevention section since I had the necessary training.

Being a temporary employee was starting to get to me at that time and I was thinking of quitting.Both my parents told me to give it more time and hang in there.It was a good thing I did because not long after I was told by my supervisor that I was now a permanent employee and January 31 1985 was where my journey through the TTC started.

After being bumped out of the Safety Security department I found a position as a janitor at our head office 1900 Yonge Street in the Mcbrien Building.Performing the duties I was given by the Leadhand janitor I also substituted for him when he was off.This continued until another bump when I went to another janitor position, this time at divisional traffic offices.While here I had seen a track patrol job posting that was interesting but I could not pass the necessary test.

It was now October in 1988 that I went into the subway to start a labourer job and learn what I needed to so I would pass that test.While as a subway labourer every time a track patrol opening was posted I bid on it.It was around the middle of 1989 that I was successful in getting that job.Around this time my father let me know of an upholstery department job that I could think of trying for after gaining some seniority but I was now where I wanted to be.

When postings for upholstery jobs went up I did fill out applications but was not successful on either occasion.The track patrol job was where I had stayed the longest during my time with the TTC.Before the summer of 2008 another chance came along to bid for the upholstery department I took it and this time I got the job.Just as my father had done now I had reached the point where I was working days with weekends off.

A bump happened in late 2013 and I was pushed out from where I was.I still wanted to have weekends off so I picked a janitor position at the same facility.Now the 30 year milestone is now just that little bit closer.


The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same...

Made it through the first full week of work since starting back after 2 months off.

Returned to work as of January 10 2013 and have remained at The Hillcrest complex in Harvey Shops.Because of the sign up I am now a janitor there so am analyzing my monthly expenditures as well as yearly one offs.Have already slated certain things as potential cuts to facilitate savings but it seems what I've calculated so far changes may not be needed.During my first year I'd been a janitor for a time so have been falling back on alot of that prior work experience.Just have to keep reminding myself that the wage group has changed from 1 as it was then to 2 as it is now.


Cameras and Wi-Fi cards...

I decided to get the gear needed to use a DSLR with a smartphone,and to think I was only looking to have one camera linked with my iPhone.

After configuring both of those cameras to send images to my phone they have been working just as they should.The SD Wi-Fi card in the Sony a55 is Transcend branded which honestly surprised me when I was first shown it.The media cards that had been on my list were the Eye-Fi Mobi and Toshiba Flash Air, both of which I'd been hearing positive things.After making sure that the a55 was on the compatibility list I decided to try it out.It seems this time I didn't go far enough with my research,the built in Wi-Fi of the NEX 6 is operating with its companion app no problem and there is no Wi-Fi SD card required!

I found the apps in the iOS store that were required easily enough and downloaded them immediately.After the expected stops and starts they linked up perfectly with their respective cameras.And now the first image from using one of them is up on my photo blog http://www.sandbagger.ca