Hi I'm Bill,

I'm a technological geek with many interests and that is a list that just keeps growing.

When it comes to the computer world I started with a Windows 95 machine in late 1997 but from late 2006 on it has been Apple gear I use and as of this writing the virtual machine where I kept Windows has been deleted from my main setup. 

I have a collection of Apple equipment including older PPC notebooks (iBooks & PowerBook),notebooks (13" MacBook, 15" & 17" MacBook Pros & an 11" MacBook Air),iMac Desktops(15" & 27") and a Mac mini with 27" monitor,iPads (3 & Air) and iPhones (3GS,4S,7).Along with all that are the iPods(80GB Classic,the original iPod Touch with gen 6 and 7 Nanos).I've since sold some idevices as I upgrade.

Now I've ventured into the blogging world as another of my many experiments.What it will be for and how it will progress over time went into a post on page #2 on this very blog. 

If you are still here (and I hope you are) you can get in touch with me by one of these methods:

Leave a comment here on the blog, 

Send an email to tallyho@billpaterson.ca or sandbagger13@gmail.com.

 If you like,please follow me @ twitter.com/sandbagger13